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What is Folk Picnic?


Folk Picnic is easy going.

Folk Picnic is music flowing.

Folk Picnic is common ground.

Folk Picnic is a beautiful sound.

Folk Picnic is a bird in flight...

Changing. Rearranging. ​

Never wrong or right..

Folk Picnic.Relaxing with the trees 

It's whatever you'd like it to be


Folk Picnic is simply

a song in the breeze...

Follow @folk_picnic on Instagram for updates and to find out more about the Folk Picnic community.

Folk Picnic Park shot 1.jpg
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Our mission is simply to create a safe space for live music and community while supporting artists from the NYC and Hudson Valley areas.

Please be mindful and responsible as you enjoy the picnic and please donate what you can to support our wonderful artists and our growing community.


Please bring both a ground covering and a face covering to

ensure that all picnickers can feel comfortable and safe.

(aka: follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask)


Bring your own libations and picnic grub.

We'd really love to grow more of these "Folk Picnic" gatherings around the city, Hudson Valley, and beyond.  Please support our efforts and the musicians by donating what you can to

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