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Kyle Tigges is musical artist and activist born and raised in middle America who is currently residing in New York. You can find Kyle happily sharing a wide mix of upbeat and bittersweet tunes with folks of all ages in and around the NYC and Hudson Valley areas. 


He is primarily a singer and guitar player but he enjoys fumbling around on harmonica, banjo, drums, and fiddle.

Kyle Tigges has become a go-to musician for live music for many folks and frequents an eclectic mix of vibrant venues in his community.  Keeping music local and bringing people together with music is one of the most powerful ways to boost environmental awareness and create the kind of change that is sustainable and regenerative as we work together towards a healthy, beautiful planet.  

"Morning Morning"(out 2/20/20) is a collection of nine topical songs written and recorded by Kyle Tigges and a stellar new line up of musicians from June 2019 - January 2020.  The songs on this record have been carefully crafted with whimsical and driving grooves laid down by Alex Fontini (drums) and Eric Thachuk (bass).  Koby Williamson (electric guitar) tastefully fills the sonic space with dynamic soundscapes of truly innovative guitar playing while Sophia Betz (acoustic guitar/keyboards) holds everything together with such powerful rhythm and harmony.  Kyle (vocals/electric guitar) finds himself in a more easeful state with the comfort of such an experienced, flexible, and creative band.  As a result, he is able to focus his energy closer toward the core of the songs in hopes of a more genuine and earnest delivery of the music that he has been trying to harness for the last 20 years.


Morning Morning was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Charles Burst at Figure 8 Studios and Concrete Sound (Brooklyn, NY).




Kyle has been given the unique opportunity of playing music and sharing songs with his local communities as a full time occupation for nearly 10 years. In addition to the large collection of tunes that he's come up with over the years, he also has an even greater store of popular and familiar songs to engage almost any crowd.  Live music and people singing together in a casual and intimate setting can add so much to any gathering (i.e.parties, picnics, meetings, boat rides, you name it).

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